Man Oh Man… I never thought I’d admit that we have so many things.


Late afternoon last Tuesday, we determined it was too late to leave. We still had a ton of things to finish before we could even pack everything out. So we decided to work on as many things as we could and travel fresh in the morning. I mean who wants to start a long journey after building all day? ( I totally would and suffer, but Johnny is more practical … and the only driver). We worked on mounting the grey water tanks for travel, building the under desk shelves, the closet and a few other shelving units for additional storage. You can see some BHTS on Youtube.

Even though we are not 100% converted, the space is liveable. I’d say we are 65% done with the conversion; still needing larger items like solar, wiring of all outlets, lights, and switches, plumb the drains for the grey water, add a tow hitch/ bar, mount a roof deck, and hopefully add a mini back porch. You know not that much…


So yeah,  we are living kinda raw. It’s like glamping. We have shelter just not the amenities and we have learned a few things already in this short week.

We were not prepared for the cold

With everything going on and building day in and day out we had not considered how nippy our nights would get. I knew we are going into winter, but the bus is literally a big metal tube.  Metal + Cold = Seriously Colder .

After night one (it was like 38 outside) we knew we’d need to get a space heater. We headed to Walmart and bought the Lasko Electric Ceramic Tower Space Heater and enjoying a comfortable 70 degrees in the bus!  It still has a little nip in the air but I think its good for us. Wakes us up, gets us moving and keeps my pores super teeny!


We are still getting used to such a smaller place.

I am by no means a small framed women. As my beautiful friend Siobhan loves to say I am a ‘brick house’. Johnny is like an ape and then there is 4 kids, a large dog, and a tiny kitty. Y’all, we are sharing 320sqft and most of it is an aisle!

The kids are still learning how to be in each other’s immediate space. Alexis probably is struggling the most. She’s coming into those preteen years and the attitude and possession of items is definitely present. I know once we start traveling to more scenic and monumental locations her attitude will adjust and when she realizes that materialistic things don’t matter she will loosen up when the other kids touch her stuff.

We have been working on learning the art of “slowing down” and “letting go”.

Our kids are noisy AF when they sleep.

Johnny and I have never really allowed kids to sleep with us, our bed is OUR sanctuary. With the exception of the kids sneaking in while we are passed out, we haven’t slept near our kids enough to realize all the noises. Between farts, random banging around, falling out of their beds and Chloe the sleep talker… I have gotten woken up by the weirdest noises.

Johnny is working 12 am to 8 am every day so he not only misses the symphony of noises but he’s also a “dead” sleeper. Once hes down he’s pretty much out. When he comes home to our House Car (that’s NC’s title term) he sleeps while the kids do some sort of learning. 


We still have WAY too much stuff.

When we left we were still packing and downsizing… but time ran out so we threw all the items we still had into the bus, including materials we still need to finish the bus conversion. I am realizing how much stuff we still have. I know that over time, travel and use I will be able to further downsize and minimize our load. But for now, we are just slowly removing items. On Friday, after we settled down at our site we did a quick “keep it or trash it” game but I don’t feel like we actually got rid of anything. Its still MAX capacity here. 


As with any new “thing”, there are the tirals and tribulations. I know more things are ahead of us but I believe that we will take on those hurdles like we always do. I freak out a little and Johnny calms me down.


Also .. meet Neko he was formerly known as Hazel… when we thought he was a she. Phoebe and Neko have been getting along well, she hasn’t tried to eat him and they now play fight. Its hilarious cause shes huge and hes tiny but he freaks her out!