Georgia Wedding Celebration

Where is your sense of wonder? Do you still have it?

Can you pull over to see something because you thought for a second “I wonder what that looks like?” Or purchase a random fruit/candy/thing just to try it?

This past weekend we scooted on down to Georgia.

Johnny’s reserve duty obligations ended sooner than we planned and now we had a 10-day gap in our plans. We were participating at the United Tiny House Association’s Tiny House Festival in Nashville, Tennessee on June 1st & 2nd, now what? Initially, we planned to head to Texas and attempt to finally “MOVE” there… but we didn’t think it’d be feasible in a 10- day window.

After we nixed that I scrambled to find another place since it was Memorial Day weekend and apparently everyone and their grandmas go camping in Tennessee… EVERYTHING WAS BOOKED. I went pretty far East and West Tennesse and there was no such luck. I was trying to stay close to Nashville for fairly cheap (like 25 a night)… but when those options exhausted I called up Clarksville RV Park & Campground to see if our friends might have a spot. They were pretty booked but were able to book us for a “hopper stay”.

I am just now coining that as the term meaning:

Hopper stay: to stay at one location but hop sites whenever needed in order to stay the duration you need.

Anyways… We had a secure spot!

Then I realized that a good friend of mine invited us to her family’s farm to celebrate them recently getting married. Her parents had a spot in their 90+ acres for the bus and the kids and animals could just free range!

The best part…

It cost the same amount to go to Clarksville, TN and pay for a site as it would to do a 6-hour trip and have a “free” site hookup AND most importantly see our friends, finally meet her parents (its been a long time coming) and just chill.

Johnny ALMOST balked at the idea (rightfully so since he has to drive the whole time) but I have this way of convincing him to do crazy things…

“but Johnny… isn’t the WHOLE purpose of being nomadic and mobile IS to do EXACTLY THIS!?!?!?”

Both of us wanted to go. We knew financially it would be the same. It would just take a little more effort and reacquainting ourselves with that southern heat.

Heading to North GA

So we left the Ford Explorer behind and took off to North GA!

If you follow us on Instagram or watch the video below you’ll see that Google Maps challenged us with crossing a rickety wood bridge. It was the most scared I have been in a while!

When we finally made it to the Riley farm and were settled, the kids were off! They now had 98 + acres to just roam and be free. We were in such a remote area we couldn’t even get a radio station to work.

The Rileys were allowing us to stay on their property and plug in for a week, so naturally we offered to help as our form of payment. Johnny helped water their 100 soft oak saplings with the kids and we all helped set up the “Yard Party” that was commencing that weekend.

Lifetime Wave Kayak

I couldn’t tell you the last time I swam in a pond… maybe 18 years ago?! We HAD to have the kids experience swimming in a small pond. The sediment attaches to your little hairs and make us all look hairy and the bottom was just mushy enough to freak you out.

Of course the school bus conversion is always underway. There is always something to do on the bus, but latly we have been taking things slowly since we have been traveling a lot. We will be settled in New Hampshire from July – October and more time to dedicate to finalizing the conversion.

No doubt in my mind that this will be an everlasting memory in their minds. They had the chance to learn, explore and grow as individuals and really proved us proud with their social skills and ability to just enjoy themselves and those that they were around.

Congrats Elissa & Cody!