ex·haust·ed: drained of one’s physical or mental resources; very tired.

I’ve written and rewritten this post four times now. Each time was to correct the timeline in which we are leaving. This time… this time I am blogging from my ½ completed skoolie desk and I am thrilled.

We leave in 13 days and I am starting to get mixed feelings about it. I’ll write more about that in another post… cause right now I just can’t.  

We were racing against multiple clocks: the race between the house sale, leaving for Johnny’s reserve duty obligation and completing the school bus conversion. Hurricane Florence hijacked our timeline to close on the sale of the house, and while it gave us more time to be stationary and work on getting our skoolie conversion closer to completion, it messed up some important plans which, hindsight always being 20/20, we’re thankful our house, bus, and family are all in one piece.                                    

At every angle from family and friends, we have been asked, “what’s the progress” or “how far are you in the conversion?” So I thought I’d share and just direct everyone to this post. At this moment I am not even sure if I will be able to get a video update on youtube… yeah, it’s chaos here.

Anyways, we have 5 sections in our bus; master bedroom, bathroom/shower, bunk room, kitchen, and the dining area. I’d take a rough guess that we are about 55% done overall. We knew going into this that we’d probably be finishing the skoolie conversion while on the road, so our goal was to get it to a habitable status and then just go from there. As of right now we are completely “stubbed” in. All spaces are built out and set up and now its mostly finishing touches and figuring out a few things.

Here is a room by room overview of what we’ve gotten done and what we need to get it to by the time we head out.

School Bus Conversion Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

The master is actually fairly large. We installed the (2) 100-gallon tanks under our single coffin beds (oh yes, we are sleeping separately) and have built-in storage below and around the head of our beds.

Lights and outlets still need to be wired along with a few cabinets/shelves installed and the finishing touches of paint/decor. But we are basically at a stopping point in here because we could sleep in there… well, we already have.


I’d say I am 65% done with the bathroom. I have built the compost toilet and the vanity stained/painted. Its a very small space but you should only be going in there to go to the bathroom and wash your hands. You really don’t need a lot of space right?

The bathroom still needs cabinet doors, outlets/lights wired, a room door, tiled floor and probably a few other things. The shower is going to be one of the last things we tackle mostly because neither of us have tiled a shower and we just haven’t had the time to put focus into researching the steps. We have an outdoor shower plumbed in and the first location we are heading to has amenities like showers and laundry.

School Bus Conversion Bunkroom


Their coffin beds are in and the spaces just need finishing touches like paint and shelving. (Which I am working on finishing today! You can watch us work on the bunkroom and the kids helped paint the walls here.  Since their beds are coffin beds we are trying to figure out how to give them a wall for privacy and also maximize their storage/shelving spaces, but for now, the bunk room is a-ok to sleep in.



(not sharing and image just yet but you can check our Instagram Highlights to see a kind of sneak peak)

All of our appliances are installed into a couple of pre-built cabinets that we scored from the local Restore here in Wilmington. We’ve built a housing unit for the buses existing AC system below our main kitchen side. Both countertops are in stained, in place, and usable. We have all our water plumbed in and THEY WORK!! We had a mishap while testing and had to troubleshoot it a few times before we had a ‘dry’ run!

The kitchen is one of the more intricate areas that has demanded more thought into the spatial design. Going from a pretty large kitchen and being someone that cooks a lot, make things from scratch and preserving it has been really difficult to minimize. Right now the kitchen still needs propane lines installed, cabinets painted, and upper shelving/cabinets built/painted and electrical to be wired in.

Our pitbull Phoebe loves being a Skoolie Dog!

Whew, I know so much has been done since starting the build in Mid-July. When we leave in 2 weeks we will have 3 months of day in day out (mini-unscheduled break for a hurricane) working on the bus and I am exhausted but so so excited for this new chapter in our lives.