Playing on the porch during Hurricane Florence

We are lucky. Hurricane Florence may have only hit as a Cat 1, but she literally rained terror for so many people. Right now Wilmington, Burgaw, New Bern and many of our surrounding towns are still dealing withHurricane Flo, and she hit us a week and a half ago. Friends of ours still cannot enter their homes due to sinkholes that have formed under their house, kayaking up to their property to check on the damages and wading through chest-high water in hopes to recover some of their belongings. Many have lost their homes, businesses, and ways of life because this is just the beginning of the madness.

I did want to clarify, in our “Survive and Thrived Hurricane Florence” video, we empathize with others who are still dealing with the aftermath. Our damage and “loss” are minimal and we are grateful. With that said, we have 4 kids to show how to deal with situations like Hurricane Florence, teaching them the severity but also how to stay positive and try to overcome the hurdles.

This is how we grew up. I feel like when I was in high school we got hit with Hurricanes ever other week during season. Our parents taught us the importance of preparing and how to deal with the aftermath. I want my kids to understand and respect the natural disasters, to be humble and to appreciate that their lives have remained fairly unchanged but others have lost everything.

Quality Time During Hurricane FlorenceCooking on the charcoal grill during hurricane florence

Climbing the fallen trees from Hurricane Florence

Grassroots Organization We Support Enjoying breakfast on the porch. Day 3 of no power.

Veteran Owned Veteran Grown

Bill O’brien- who’s farm was under 14ft of water (possibly more, that was the last time I heard), tucked his family away and has been out rescuing and delivering supplies to those who are stranded. He is raising money for his organization Veteran Owned Veteran Grown.

“All of the funds we receive will go towards aiding those impacted by Hurricane Florence. Most of our members are Veterans on limited funds who were working on sustainable farming projects and this disaster has set them pretty far back.”

You can donate here.


Fundraiser for Raising Raiders

Our whole local community took a HUGE hit from Florence. The families of Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) were located right in the center of this destructive storm. Many of the MARSOC families are displaced due to their homes flooding & water damage. Many have not been able to return home due to routes being flooded, those that have returned home are faced with significant damages. We also have many families who have a Marine and Sailor are deployed who will now face the cleanup and juggle repairs without physical support of their significant others. We are asking for your support for some of the more selfless families we know…the families of MARSOC.”

You can donate to Paypal or their Facebook Fundraiser.


Cape Fear Equine Rescue

Hosted by Kathryn Bruner of 

Our AMAZING friend and realtor is raising money to support a local Equine rescue center that she volunteers for. “Cape Fear Equine Rescue who has lost EVERYTHING to Hurricane Florence (horses were safely evacuated).”

You can donate here to help!


Local Businesses Fundraising EventsFamily Portrait on our Hurricane Florence boarded windows

These are friends of ours that are avid in volunteering and fundraising for our local communities. N

Community Gathering & Fundraiser

Hosted by The Crooked Lotus

“This Sunday September 30, from 12-6pm we along with the other tenants of Island Center at the Beach will be hosting a community relief fundraiser. There will be food trucks, beer and wine garden, live entertainment, vendors, silent auctions and a supply donation booth. All proceeds will go to helping our community regrow after the hurricane devastation. ”


Hurricane Flo Bro Wash Fundraiser

Hosted by PourHouse Wilmington

Well to start, the bar is underground… like 2 blocks up from the Cape Fear River downtown Wilmington. So the water damage was inevitable. Help Joe reach his goal to fix up our local watering hole (get it). Joe is an advocate part of our MARSOC family/community. He has always been the guy to lend a hand to whoever needs it, all while having a great time and making dirty jokes.

Here is the GoFundMe to help repair and replace what was damaged.

Hurricane Flo Bro Wash
Saturday at 2 PM – 6 PM
Goat & Compass – 710 N 4th St, Wilmington, North Carolina 28401

“Do you have a dirty, naughty car that needs it’s radiator washed out with soap? Do you want to support families that have suffered from Hurricane Florence? Do you want to see a bunch of Wilmingtonians show way too much skin in what will most likely not be sexy nor alluring? Well we have the event for you!”
Funds raised will be used to support Pour House and Goat and Compass friends and families that have suffered.
thebhive family