This is an excerpt of the guest post I did on November 5th for Hoffman Tutoring Group. Both Zoie and I had questions regarding homeschooling. I wanted to know how I could gauge where the kids stood academically, and she wanted to know why I was choosing to homeschool! To read the full post head over to Hoffman Tutoring Group!


For us the idea of homeschooling came with the choice to completely change our lifestyle. Admittedly, I was that parent that was semi-removed from my kid’s education. I assumed that they had it handled at the schools and I did little reinforcements when they came home. Its ok, I am ok with it, most of the time I was doing everything I could to just survive. With my husband working or deployed, it was mostly my responsibility… for the kids, house, my business and trying to take care of myself.  I’d check homework, but shoot sometimes I didn’t even remember how to do it or know what they wanted me to do. It was a defeating moment as a parent and adult.


Why We Choose To Homeschool

This January my husband returned from his last deployment and was involuntarily separated very quickly ( you can read more here). There was an immediate need to figure out so much so fast. While we were navigating through the options we just felt broken by the cycle we felt our life was in. Work to live and squeeze in experiences when we could find time or money (which both were sparse).  After evaluating our lifestyle and realizing we wanted to travel and experience more adventures as a family we decided to do a skoolie conversion and live nomadically. Obviously, one of the considerations of how to logistically do this will all 4 of our kids was how were we going to educate them.




To read the full post head over to Hoffman Tutoring Group!