Converted School Bus

Over the years I have been asked A LOT of repeated questions and one of the biggest ones is how do we find time for anything with so many kids and doing so many things. Of course, now that we are going tiny with 4 kids, a dog, a cat, and a snake… the other always faithful question arises.

“How will you have sex?”

Truly, I have never understood why people ask this question. Not that I am bashful (we are a pretty open book), BUT I am more concerned that the question gets asked because we believe that it’s not a scheduled time and event, it’s a natural occurrence.

Right? Not to brag, but we have an amazing sex life. For us, sex is part of our relationship and we revel in it. We enjoying pleasing each other and it is a connection that we have and continue to develop. So why wouldn’t I want to indulge in my ‘free stress reliever/ workout’, ‘body empowering’, ‘better than chocolate (unless it’s sex + chocolate then it’s glorious)’, ‘can be a quickie if you play the cards right’… nookie.

I think I have been asked 3 times this week alone. Now that we are on the road and have been giving tours of the bus. When people see the 4 kids, space and our separate beds, it’s like a little spark pop off and they give us this look.

You know the look…

The one where they want to ask it but they think it’s naughty to ask. So they just kind of mumble it with some giggles.

It got us really wondering what is going on with others relationships out there? Is sex a struggled event? Is your speed of daily life what’s blocking you or commitments and other stressors? If so, you need to have more sex, I swear it is one of the best mitigators for all those and more!

How’s your sex life? What’s missing? Are you communicating with each other? Are you holding back out of spite (yes, we’ve heard that some people will deny it cause they are mad or upset over simple household chores!) We wanna know because we are truly interested!

Let’s start a conversation.