Building the kids bunkroom on our skoolie conversion

Man oh man, its crazy to see that picture. I can remember that moment, thinking…

“Holy shit the bunks are in… We are moving our family onto a bus!”

We have 4 kids – 11, 9, 8, and 5 and 4 animals -1 dog, 1 cat, 1 hamster, 1 fish. We are a #bigfamilylivingtiny so we had to create as much space as we could in the 320sqft of bus.

The bunk room is right after the kitchen section. We built a dutch door and used all of the available dead space storage, including building a fan into the door. Read more about our nifty hacks here.

Our goal was to try this bus life for at least 2 years, which meant the kids needed some room to grow and to be able to chill in that space.

Each bunk is 7 ft long by 33 in wide and framed with 2x4s that are closed in with plywood, creating “coffin beds” to store their clothing and thing inside.

Alexis’ Bunk – 11 years old

Everything has a meaning in this bunk… Alexis is partly that stereotypical tween girl, collecting all the things and figuring out her individuality, but also this untamed, responsible mini grown self. In her area she has rocks from different locations, her own toys and trinkets, items for her hamster, her favorite books and stuffed animals as well.

Matthew’s Bunk – 9 years old

Boy oh boy I think we have a hoarder in the making… Matthew bed looks as if he came back from a flea market and bought everything. Truth be told he is a little scavenger, and we let him pick n pull items to his little hearts content. He regularly uses and goes through his collections of things, trashing items that are no longer needed or reminding himself of a project. He like his little cave of things though, and a few times we have completely missed that he was up in his bed.

Chloes’s Bunk – 9 years old

The diva of the group… she needs her fan, stuffed animals and her makeup/jewelry and she is solid… oh and her cat Neko. You’d think itd be annoying cutting your mattress space in half with the table and cat carrier BUT Chloe is our vampire sleeper. She rarely bundles up and when she goes down she hardly moves. She likes her bed the way it is, actually she wants to fit a collapsible barbie house up there too.

Jacob’s Bunk – 5 years old

Super simple… Jacobs is usually just whatever toys/books he is currently playing with. He does use his little table in bed more than anyone else though. He loves to eat snacks/ramen/oatmeal in bed while coloring or watching tv.

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