Lately, I’ve started to really allow Alexis to experiment in the kitchen. She’s shown the most interest by researching, presenting and asking to try making it; so I figured I should let her explore this interest.

Sure she leaves a little mess even after she “cleans up” and some items you question its palatability… truthfully though it’s a super cheap way to let your kids learn and fail. I mean a bag of flour and most of these ingredients is probably $40 and will last you plenty of creations. And who are we kidding, most mistakes made in the kitchen are rarely repeated. I mean who wants to take a bite of something that tastes awful or how many times do you burn/cut yourself before you say… “Next time remember oven mitts?!”.

Just be sure to monitor them and supply them with the right tools, resources, and your attention when they ask for your help.


I thought it’d be fun to ask Alexis to answer a little Q&A just to get a little perspective.

Why you chose this recipe?

“I chose this recipe because it has easy steps.” You can also find the most these ingredients  in your kitchen.”  

Why do you enjoy baking?

“I enjoy baking because it makes me learn more about baking. Also, it makes my family happy.”

Do you think this is good for kids to learn how to bake? How old do you think they need to be?

“I think it is good for kids to learn how to bake because it teaches them responsibility, following directions, understanding chemistry, and hard work. .”I think they have to at least be 9 and up just because 8 and under still need adult supervision so they don’t get hurt.”


Not the prettiest, but everyone enjoyed the treat that they were!

Alexis answering her questions above.  She’s proudly telling people she a blogger now. Now to assign her some more!

Remember, take a breathe in and really evaluate what the kids are asking to do… is it so bad to let them?