Coming in at a whopping 40 ish sq ft, this skoolie kitchen is nothing to sneeze at!

Originally we bought some scraped cabinets and Johnny quickly framed in a “cabinet” but the storage was awful and just not functional so we did a “kitchen renovation”. Now, this custom skoolie kitchen is JAM packed with storage. We took the time to build each section to hold/do what we needed for a family of 6 ( plus4 animals) to work out of.

On the passenger side of the kitchen, there is a large desk for both of us to use. Most mornings Johnny sits here, as our live in homeschool teacher and I will edit/work from it during the other times. The kids use the computer for school work/games also. Right next to the desk is out coffee/tea area and utensil/snack/kids “pantry/cabinet”. The lower 3 drawers are for the kids to eat out of, it has all the fruits and snacks.

Skoolie Kitchen

I was stoked to find our apartment sized refrigerator because I personally prefer the bottom freezers. This one has enough space to store 3-4 dinners worth of ingredients and be able to freeze a few. The upper cabinets store snacks for the adults, baking items and pasta. I like to always have something to make so I like to store a few extras. Lastly, tucked behind the refrigerator, is our rolling pantry shelf ( I actually broke the drawer slide today). If you’ve known us for a while, you’ll remember the rolling pantry system that we had in our previous house. Johnny hates them until they are done being built and are working.

Now, the driver’s side of the kitchen is where I drive the magic that happens.

I LOVE big flavor so I have an EXTENSIVE spice rack. I love it and it was an “Amazon find” win! Our 2 burner stove top is really nice and works great. I did mention in our skoolie kitchen tour, some of my larger cast iron pans take up a lot of space, only allowing me to use the one pan at a time. In case we run out of gas or need another cooktop, we have one electric stovetop burner and one electronic skillet. I even listed the electronic skillet as of the top items I need in my skoolie kitchen in an earlier blog.

Skoolie Kitchen

One of the other kitchen reno items was our sink. We upgraded from a 15 x 15 in. sink to a 23 x 19 in. sink. I couldn’t wash anything but our hands in the smaller sink without water just shooting everywhere. So we upgraded in size and Johnny made me sink inserts that extend our counter space while also allowing me to utilize the sink.

skoolie kitchen

The wall of drawers that make up our skoolie kitchen consists of accessories for all the cooking appliances, bake/cookware, food storage and ‘the sauce draw’. Yes I have a drawer full of sauces (mostly Chick Fila) and its wonderful for tiny living. There is also animal food/care items, cleaning supplies and more storage.

I’ve joked a few times but I am seriously considering opting out the traditional stove/oven combination in the next house. I have really really enjoyed using our Hamilton Countertop Oven! At first, I didn’t enjoy the extra wait time, guessing cook times or trying to figure out how to heat something up without or cooking/drying it out (we don’t have a microwave). However, we’ve enjoyed preparing and making more hot meals throughout the day and the wait makes it more worth it.

I don’t have a favorite part of my kitchen but moreso how simplified and accessible everything is. I can reach everything I need and really what more could I want while cooking?

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