Campfire Chicken Casserole

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Lately, I have been reconnecting with food. Mostly because our lifestyle changed the way I was used to cooking. Not only did we not have to gas hooked up for like 5 months, but it’s also my first time cooking on gas. Besides using my Instantpot and my electric skillet, I have also really enjoyed cooking over an open fire I don’t do anything too crazy for this meal. I salt and pepper the chicken thighs ( this works for…

Day Trip Pack Out

Day Trip Pack Out

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From diaper bags to backpacks I have always been one to have an ‘extra outfit’/diaper/socks etc. I mean what’s the harm in packing out extras? In the earlier years, I can’t tell you how many times my “over preparedness” saved me. Blow-Outs to muddy rain play, I always try to have some extras with me cause kids are messy. Now that the kids are older and able to carry their own weight… I mean their stuff, we have them pack…

Places To Stay In Your Skoolie Conversion.

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It’s funny how many people we can trip up when we mention that we travel full time. They can’t get over that fact that we no longer are tied to a property, and the idea of needing to find a place to stay in our skoolie conversion is pretty frequent. It can get stressful especially in the camping seasons, but so far our travels up and down the East coast have been fairly smooth. Quickies and One Night Stands For…

Traveling to Vermont

Revisiting Friendships New & Old | Heading North for the Summer!

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This past 5 weeks it feels like we time hopped. Traveling through 5 states and visiting with some new and some longtime friends. Hot Hot Georgia Starting out in Georgia, where we were celebrating with our friends Elissa & Cody, who just got married. We hung out with them for a week, made new friends and had a wonderful time! Back to Music City Tennessee Johnny and I were committed to speaking at and participate in the Tennessee Tiny House…

Big Family Living Tiny | Tennesse Tiny House Festival!

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Johnny and I spoke about being Big Family Living Tiny. I don’t know whats wrong with me but I get SUPER anxious about speaking… I know LOUD ole me get super nervous?! Well we started out with a smallish crowd but it quickly grew as we spoke about how we chose our bus, what we’ve found to be important for us as a big family and our life/family philosophies. We spoke from the heart and wanted to share truthfully how…

Georgia Wedding Celebration

Wandering down to Georgia

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Where is your sense of wonder? Do you still have it? Can you pull over to see something because you thought for a second “I wonder what that looks like?” Or purchase a random fruit/candy/thing just to try it? This past weekend we scooted on down to Georgia. Johnny’s reserve duty obligations ended sooner than we planned and now we had a 10-day gap in our plans. We were participating at the United Tiny House Association’s Tiny House Festival in…

Enjoying & Exploring Nashville TN

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Johnny and I are both lovers of the free-99 specials and keeping costs down. Especially when traveling to a large city like Nashville TN! It adds up quickly when you have a big family traveling and we prefer to spend our money on quality food (like damn good burgers from The Pharmacy), MUST see things and items that can serve us for a long run ( like the kid’s Wave kayaks). Outside of visiting the local Camping world, we really…

Causeway Day with Cousins and Kayaks!

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This has been a dream of mine for a while now. Kids splashing in the water, having a blast but also learning skills and their limitations. My brother and I grew up on the water, mainly because my father LOVES the water. Anything that has to do with ‘water’ and adventure that man seeks it out.