Meet Buzz

Meet Buzz – Our Skoolie Conversion Bus

I have been following the Tiny House movement for a while, the idea always tickled me. I even tried to talk Johnny into building a Tiny Trailer (because I saw Ana Whites) buying land and parking it there before we bought this house.

Well, my tiny house + traveling family dreams are mushing together and we will be converting this handsome school bus into our next home!

Some have¬† already met him, but for those of you who haven’t. This is our Skoolie Conversion bus, BUZZ!

Our Skoolie’s specs:

2000 Thomas Rear EngineCAT Engine 3126
Allison MD3060  Transmission
118,030k miles
Over 31k lb GVWR
45 Passenger Rated Capacity
40ft long
77in Head Room

He came with: Air Brakes/Ride/Front Seat/Door, Cruise Control, 2 AC units, 3 Underseat Heaters

Why we chose to do a School BusConversion and not an RV:

I love DIY projects. I enjoy having projects that allow me to think in a different dimension or thought process. Usually, if I am in a rut or overwhelmed I like to do something creative. During Johnny’s last deployment I came across this “movement” of people converting school buses into their motorhomes, I was beside myself with amusement and sadness. I knew I’d ABSOLUTELY want to do something like this but also thought at the time that this opportunity would never present itself to us.

From our research and a LOT of networking, we came to the conclusion the RV’s simply wouldn’t handle our amount of traffic and wear-n-tear our family can create. The materials used in traditional RV’s don’t last long, are generally very unappealing (to me at least) ands RVs have so much dead space that I feel could be used more efficiently. School buses are well-engineered vehicles.  Since we would be building from the ground up we have the opportunity to not only know how our “home” was constructed but we can troubleshoot issues that arise and create a floor plan with customizations that would suit us and our lifestyle.

If you are thinking about buying a school bus to convert, at the end of our, We Bought A Bus post is our checklist of items we considered necessary for our transition into a full time traveling family.

Why did we name our bus Buzz?

I don’t want to go overboard with the bee them but truthfully it was the first name to pop into our heads jokingly and then it just kinda stuck.

If you have any further questions in regards to the build please feel free to email us at