Shiang-ling likes to poke fun at me whenever I get “irritated” by something Matthew’s done, or usually hasn’t done more likely and seems to always point out how similar we are mentally. He processes and overthinks things like Shiang-ling, but his demeanor and reactions are apparently all me. Which I think are great.

I love getting to spend time with my son as I feel we are usually consumed by the ladies at the house and gives me a chance to pick his brain.

I can only assume I’m doing a good job because a lot of times he references doing things by saying, “Well, when I’m a dad…” Which, I have to correct and say, “You know, you can do all this and still be a guy in college, or living overseas and learning about the world, etc…” We shall see. This trip though reminded me that homeschooling and trips to focused areas of study, like Marine Biology, are great ways to open children up to more opportunities to find what really makes their brains tick. Hopefully, after our day of learning, relaxing at the park, and then enjoy time alone on the beach paid off and he has another memory for the bank.


Just Being,