Hurricane Florence… you’re such a homewrecker.

Our house sustained some damage about halfway through the storm, the winds are still howling like crazy so there could be more. We were prepared for that, we live off the intercoastal in the woods… it was bound to happen.

Even though storms are truly a pain in the ass. Johnny and I had our fun and enjoyed the quality time spent with each other(you can see us prep the house over on Youtube). Hurricanes are something you just knew were coming and let the weather come through. More importantly, I’m glad our children are able to experience this, gather an understanding of what to do, how to prepare, cleaning up post weather, and moving onward.

It’s currently 12:38 PM, Johnny and I sit in the main room of our ‘bunkered-looking’ house. He is reclined in a lawn chair coming in and out of consciousness while I sit in a grey armchair writing this blog. The generator is now buzzing and our kids are aimlessly running through the darkened house. Slivers of light peek through our windows and it’s just enough to make out outlines and highlighted details. The girls are play fighting with Phoebe under the skylight. They move like they are doing some sort of tribal dance and Phoebe’s the fire. It’s so mesmerizing to watch their sheer delight and giddy fear of the dog winning or getting them. The boys play a melody on the iPad piano app… there’s no wifi so all the can play are games. Matthew plays the exact same tune like its a broken record and I snap and tell him to jazz it up a bit. The mood lighting and the air are not suited for repetition like that… makes me nauseous.

I miss hurricane days when we were kids, I feel like there was way less panic. We knew it was coming and that was that, batten down the hatches and help our your neighbors.

Stay safe everyone.

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