I’ve always loved the idea of living more transparently. Not because we are ‘more’ special but … you know when someone admits something that you do too and that feeling of inclusion makes you feel warm and fuzzy? Well, I am looking at you to make me feel included when you tell me you’ve done it too. And yeah, definitely a bonus if I am that person for you too.

I’m not that much different from you. I promise.

I love to meet new people and listen to their stories. It is amazing how much can be learned from one conversation.

I can get dolled up but I MOST definitely love to bum it. You’ll probably see me in my PJs and messy bun more than real clothes.

I am an optimistic opportunist who is idealistic with realistic expectations.  🙂


I’ve wanted to start this blog adventure for forever. I am excited to share our adventures with you and hope you enjoy!

So here goes… will you be my friend?


Shiang-ling, the QueenB.