The first time I saw Johnny.

I was in 8th grade and our class was in the auditorium watching the JROTC perform for some sort of “recruitment” of our incoming class. I’d seen him around but for some reason, I noticed him more this day. There was this look of determination and strength that resonated with me for whatever reason. He was lanky and slightly cocky in this carefree way and covered in puberty, but as adolescent hormones will have it I found him endearing. We chatted briefly and agreed to write notes” back and forth, using Coley (one of his younger sisters in my grade) to pass them along.

Little did I know that wench (its ok we are close now) only passed a few and well we lost touch the rest of the year and into summer

To this day if I go back to our hometown and see my history teacher Mr. Coffee (I was in his class for this performance), he’d tell me again

“I remember when we got back to class and you said you were going to marry him!”

Somewhere within the summer though… My dad answers the phone and tells me it’s for me.

Me:  “Hello?”

Him: Hi, this Cadet  Lt Col, John Bissonnette with ………



Fast forward a few years and a handful of kids… and every day I still get butterflies when he looks at me. Sometimes it’s indigestion or too much coffee/no food BUT mostly butterflies.

Johnny is my rock, he’s my main squeeze for 15 years. We’ve grown together from adolescents to “somewhat-functioning” adults. There’s been highs and lows, successes and failures but most of all there’s been a ton of love. Honestly, it’s been a hot minute since either one of us has written each other a note let alone a letter but I dunno, for some reason, I felt like today I’d write one.


Right now, its 2:30 pm, I have been attempting to write this since noon. You’re propped up sleeping in our room, it’s hit or miss on whether or not you take an afternoon nap these days but of course today you’re sick.

Right now, you’re waking me up up at 4:05 am to open the gym, finishing up your degree online, working on converting a bus to our next house, trying to sell our bigger possessions and just trying to be dad and husband.

Right now, we’re working our asses off, and stress keeps creeping in until we check it. I know we will be fine, I know I am annoyingly opportunistic and kinda spin things with fantasy like influences, but hey you’re about to move into a bus with me, 4 kids and a dog so… HA!

Right now, we look back at this half year which has been such a whirlwind. We happily welcomed you home from deployment and soon after were involuntarily separated from the career you’ve wanted since childhood.  

Right now, It was and has been one of the more trying times in our lives together. Watching you waiting for replies for resumes and waiting to hear about certain jobs has been difficult. I can’t really help other than being supportive and keeping my hustle but I want to do more. I know you deserve more, I don’t want you to take a job that takes you away again ( but know it might), and I know and believe that you have the potential to pivot into something else and be amazing.

Soon though, Buzz is built we will transition into our new nomadic lifestyle. We are going to travel explore and document our adventures.

Thank you for being not only mine but our children’s rock. What a turn on it is to have a man that can match your level of crazy, determination and sex drive in life.

Happy 31st Birthday Hubby, hope you catch up on sleep and feel better.



P.S. It’s taken me 8 hours to COMPLETE these!