This spending time with my kids has been such a rarity with my previous lifestyle within the military and now that I am in a transitional period of employment and life decisions, I’ve decided to slow the role and enjoy time with them. Jacob and I went to the farm and I made sure he knew that I was there to laugh with him, stimulate thought through educational and fun points I found throughout the day, and remind him that his dad cares about him and what he likes to do and what is currently present in his life. It was great watching him interact with not only teachers, but the other students and farm animals as well. He has proven that although he may be the “baby” of the family, he displays all the best qualities of patience, bravery, and drive to validate my involvement as a little man growing up in this world we are preparing for his future. Can’t wait for the next trip with my other son!

More to come.

Just Being,