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Enjoying the NorthEast

I love planning and I like to have at least some type of an idea on what’s going on so I can … plan accordingly. I am also the type of person that LOVES spontaneity. 

This particular morning we all just seemed restless and I think Johnny just wanted to go for a drive. So we all piled into the car and took off to Portsmouth, New Hampshire/Kittery ME. 

It was sort of confusing, we kept popping between the two different towns. We were having so much fun though listening to music and wandering around.

As we were driving was was a sign for Fort McClary, we have been wanting to sightsee/visit more monumental items like this … so we detoured.

For a small fee, you were able to tour this former defense fort. It was a super cool experience for the kids to get to tour this structure that dates back to the 1800s

After checking out the Fort and the structures surrounding it, the kids wanted to check out the water’s edge.

We mostly just goofed off. As we drove around whatever piqued our interest we drove towards. Johnny saw the sign for the Portsmouth Naval Yard so we headed in to see if there were any ships.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any ships moored to the docks… but Johnny showed us around the base that he trained at 9+ years ago. He also had a gift card to a Military Exchange (a general store on base) from ages ago and it apparently was burning a hole into his wallet. So we stopped off at the Portsmouth Naval Yard exchange to spend it. After offloading a whopping $7 we took off to drive around Kittery. Johnny and I spotted a Paul Mitchell Salon, which we knew would just make Matthews day. He currently LOVES the movie Don’t Mess With The Zohan, where part of the main plot is for Zohan to be a hairdresser at a Paul Mitchell Salon. So we stopped by for a quick laugh, picture, and a little Disco Disco! (Watch the Youtube video for the last one)

Grabbing afternoon coffee and dessert. We let each kid pick out either a pastry or gelato … and then we all shared and tasted each of them.

For the second time today we googled for a park and didn’t end up where we thought we’d be going. We realized maybe our search word should have been ‘playground’ instead of ‘park’.

As we pulled into the end of a cul-de-sac we wondered… where did google send us, but when we saw the sign for Rogers Park we decided why not. We spent about an hour exploring and “losing ourselves in the woods”.

The USS Albacore was closed… but as we were driving home I saw it wanted to pop out just to see and let the kids ‘feel’ its size. We walked around the submarine took pictures and read the information board.

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