Day Trip Pack Out

From diaper bags to backpacks I have always been one to have an ‘extra outfit’/diaper/socks etc. I mean what’s the harm in packing out extras? In the earlier years, I can’t tell you how many times my “over preparedness” saved me. Blow-Outs to muddy rain play, I always try to have some extras with me cause kids are messy.

Now that the kids are older and able to carry their own weight… I mean their stuff, we have them pack out their Zomake backpacks. Generally, we only pack out if we are going to be out and about for more than 6 hours or going travel at least an hour away from home base.

Besides a few incidents of forgetting vital items, i.e. Matthew completely forgetting any footwear when we’re driving to another state, it’s really fun to see how and what the kids pack out for various occasions.

General Pack- Out Checklist

  • ZOMAKE Lightweight/Water Resistant Collapsible Backpacks
  • 1 season appropriate outfit (top, bottoms, underwear, socks shoes)
  • season dependant jacket ALWAYS ( either lightweight or heavy)
  • bathing suit + microfiber towel (we use these)
  • water bottle + snack/lunch (depending)
  • items for that trip (binoculars, knife, camera, notebook)
  • entertainment (book, coloring/drawing/ipad)
  • chargers/headphones
  • hats

Longer stays would include things like

  • Multiple outfits
  • Sleeping Gear
  • hygiene kit – each kid holds their own: toothpaste, toothbrush, flossers, q-tips, shampoo/conditioner/soap, deodorant, brush/combs

Things we keep in the vehicle for trips:

  • sunblock & bug spray
  • coins – in case we need to hit up the laundry and toll roads $$$
  • wipes
  • trash bags
  • umbrellas
Alexis' Day Of Pack Out Bag
Artsy + Entertainment
Matthew's Day Of Pack Out Bag
Adventure Ready
Chloe's Day Of Pack Out Bag
Playtime + Ponys
Jacob's Day Of Pack Out Bag
Coloring + Magic Trick

We are going to work on beefing up their day pack bags soon though. I noticed little things here and there from these past few trips that could benefit how we travel. I started to compile a list of items that we wanted to add /beef up

  • hygiene kit – need better bags and sturdier storage for items
  • jackets- lightweight, but good for both outdoor and indoor
  • better shoes – the kids are rough on their shoes and I’d like to find one for water/hiking/kayaking open and close-toed and some for general walking around cities.
  • “adventure pack” – supply each kid with binoculars, net, flashlight, rope, etc.