So rare is it that I spend individual time with my children that when the opportunity to volunteer for a beach clean-up came up, I absolutely jumped on it. Not only did we have a great time taking care of the beaches, learning about the ecosystem and how the human populace is intertwined into the positive and negative aspects of coastal plains and sea life, but spent invaluable time with my oldest daughter who I’m sure, as she goes through this transitional time in her life when the Hormone Monstress (thanks “Big Mouth”) is beside her, will hopefully cherish and retain.

I feel these days many parents find it too easy, as I have a time or two, to shrug off our children because we’re too tired, trying to make a deadline, working on something really important, to name a few of our classic lines.

But spending time with our children is a way to bring us back to our roots, to maintain our youth, and make sure that the children we’re raising are still on the path that we’d like to think they’re on. Sanity checking if you will.

After this trip, I feel comfortable enough to say not only is my daughter well aware of the effects humans are having on our oceans, but she is a strong, matter-of-factly speaker and garners the respect of not only her classmates but many teachers as I touched base with them throughout the day. Words of affirmation towards your children are usually met with a thank-you, and a serious/joking response of, “Thank-you, we ‘beat’ our children, haha!” This is responded to with a laugh and a, “Just like I was”… most of the time. Some are still a little hesitant and follow a more “counseling” based approach which I say to each their own.

More to come.

Just Being,