We bought a school bus.


Selfie with our bus

The entire 3-day trip I was still in disbelief that we bought a freaking bus. “Skoolie Conversion” what’s that mess? Everyone is calling us crazy… and maybe we are? But I don’t care cause we bought a BUS and are taking the show on the road!

Day 1. Tuesday, June 12th. | Hello Tulsa Oklahoma

Can you believe that we’ve been together for 15 years and this was actually our (Johnny and I) first flight together! Of course, with no kids, which was amazingly relaxing. It was so nice to really get some alone time with each other on our trip out to Oklahoma to check out and pick up our bus!

After we arrived at American Bus Sales Johnny did a pretty thorough walkthrough with the service guys, pointing out a few things needing adjustment before we left. Meanwhile, I was in the background being SUPER obnoxious cause I haven’t learned how to dial down my utter excitement. Nothing new here.

After the test drive, lunch and signing away a small fortune. We were OFF!

Johnny giving the bus a once over

Let me tell you, once we hit the road all the memories of riding of activity buses for high school sports came flooding back. I mean that’s basically where Johnny and I fell for each other, riding together to swim meets.

Instead of sleeping on the bus like we thought we’d do, Johnny wanted to treat us to a night at the Red Roof Inn. So I booked us a fancy double queen using our Ebates app and we had ourselves a great night… of sleep. We ended up deciding to do this for the second night too, but he said: “let’s do a king and sleep together.” I think we figured out that we like sleeping in separate beds for the sake of sleep!

Day 2 – Wednesday, June 13th | Chugging Along

Drove, drove, drove some more. Had a few stops at good ole trucker stops with super greasy, unhealthy food and made our way another couple hundred miles to the great Red Roof Inn again. Gotta earn those Redi Card Points! Some standard Ruby Tuesdays dinner for two and bedtime. During all this too Johnny was working on his online homework every night (graduation this December) and I was working on client work & creating our plan for our social influencer goals!

Day 3 – Thursday, June 14th | The Breakdown

We are tired, sore, bored and ready to be home… and then we broke down. As we were chugging along on the highway out of nowhere our bus sort of lunged forward and down-shifted from 5th to 4th. Panic (for me) set in. Johnny pulled off the highway, just South of Lexington, and made sure he parked on the trucker diesel side fuel station of a combo BP/Speedway station because once he powered Buzz down, he was down hard. After some coordination with a local CAT parts dealer, a mobile CAT engine service unit, we eventually got running and man when we figured out what our last hiccup was, man we were just grateful it was simple and good to know!

Wait, WHAT? Why Did you buy a BUS?

Ha, well what had happened was…

Johnny was involuntarily separated from the USMC. And we kinda quickly pivoted our life goals. More on that later, promise. DID YOU SEE THE BUS!!



More to come…