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Basic Skills for Kids in the Kitchen

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I LOVE to cook, and I love good food. I try very hard to not sacrifice the quality of our meals for the quantity or price since we are a large family with growing kids. I want our kids to have a wide palate, understand meal planning, nutrition and be capable of independently preparing a meal. While Johnny and I have always encouraged “food” independence (like getting their own cereal, choosing their snacks for lunch, or baking sugar cookies etc)…

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How to Gauge Where Your Student is Academically

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As I began to research “How to start homeschooling” I was SURROUNDED with information. I found out about different styles of teaching, TOO many different curriculums and that everyone does this very differently. I reached out to Zoie and asked her, ‘ How do I gauge where they are at academically?’. I wanted to be sure that I was current with what they knew so we could come up with a plan to educate them based on their needs and…

Why we chose to homeschool.

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This is an excerpt of the guest post I did on November 5th for Hoffman Tutoring Group. Both Zoie and I had questions regarding homeschooling. I wanted to know how I could gauge where the kids stood academically, and she wanted to know why I was choosing to homeschool! To read the full post head over to Hoffman Tutoring Group!   For us the idea of homeschooling came with the choice to completely change our lifestyle. Admittedly, I was that parent that…