Lately, I have been reconnecting with food. Mostly because our lifestyle changed the way I was used to cooking.

Not only did we not have to gas hooked up for like 5 months, but it’s also my first time cooking on gas. Besides using my Instantpot and my electric skillet, I have also really enjoyed cooking over an open fire

I don’t do anything too crazy for this meal. I salt and pepper the chicken thighs ( this works for bone-in/skin-on or skinless/boneless thighs) and begin to cook them. I prefer the skin on thighs because I can really burn the skin in preparation for the BBQ sauce. I usually flip it every 7-8 minutes letting it cool for maybe for 30 ish minutes. After the chicken is pretty much cooked I get the flames up again and coat each piece heavily with BBQ sauce. I like using Sweet Baby Ray’s but if Johnny is the one shopping we will get some new flavors to try, he likes to try different things.

At the same time I have the wheel noodles cooking and the baked beans warming up over the fire.

Once everything is cooked, you just pile it on top of each other and let the flavors combine.

For a topper or desert we cook some back over the fire with some left over BBQ sauce… as you can tell its finger-licking-good.