Tennessee Tiny House Festival | Big Family Living Tiny

Johnny and I spoke about being Big Family Living Tiny.

I don’t know whats wrong with me but I get SUPER anxious about speaking… I know LOUD ole me get super nervous?!

Well we started out with a smallish crowd but it quickly grew as we spoke about how we chose our bus, what we’ve found to be important for us as a big family and our life/family philosophies. We spoke from the heart and wanted to share truthfully how much fun we are having cutting free from the ‘societal norm” and doing US!

Speaking about Big Family Tiny Living

Alexis wanted a clay magnet business a while ago. But… because business/marketing/branding is my jam, I started to become overbearing about how to run a business. I slowly stifled her creativity and desire to operate a business. I forgot that it was for her.

On the way to the festival, she decided she wanted to make some designs and sell them. Not only did she sell a BUNCH, but so many tiny home dwellers requested custom pieces from her. The support and love that she received gave her so much energy and empowerment. I am so grateful for such a positive and loving community!

She even traded a custom Tiny house magnet with Amber from Patti Can Gypsy Wagon for the hair cut that she has been DYING to get! I was nervous… she wasn’t… and I am seriously grateful for how Amber treated Alexis like a growing young adult; respecting her wishes and dedication to researching/knowing what she wanted.

If you were in attendance, you would have seen our kids at the festival. They’re the ones with walkie talkies, no shoes and riding their bikes all over! They made some friends which always makes traveling to somewhere new “fun-er”

Wild Skoolie/Tiny Home kids!
Tennessee Tiny House Festival  with Johny Reid of Epic Baloons

We are all about having fun! Chloe was able to assist John Reid (IG @EpicBaloons) with his magic show Alexis made him a Chartreuse Caboose Magnet to match his Tiny Home that is being built soon!

Dinner on the Riverwalk with other tiny dwellers
@draggingdadaround + @advanturewithus

On the last night, we walked into Downtown Nashville and grabbed a pizza from Luigi’s. It was too hot inside the restaurant (we all have been out showing our houses in 90+ degree weather) So we decided to eat our dinner on the bridge, enjoying the breeze and some live music. Afterward, we put the kids down and Johnny and I went up to the Riverwalk for a #quickiedatenight .

The view was amazing and we had so much fun just being idiots on a bridge. We were just in amazement of where we are and how happy we’ve been. I mean seriously, Nissan Stadium on one side and Downtown Nashville just across the river… yes, please!

Big Family Living Tiny at the Tennessee Tiny House Festival

We had a wonderful weekend at the United Tiny House Festival – Tennessee Tiny House Festival and are enjoying the multitude of questions on how a Big Family is Living Tiny!