Teaching Smart Financial Decision Making | Establishing The Family Bank

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The kids have all sorts of money making entrepreneurial ideas and are always seeing something that they’d like to purchase. It’s time to teach them smart financial decision making skill sets that will not only set their minds up for success, but their ability to have as many adventures as they are financially capable of with good banking techniques. I’m sure if we all blindfolded ourselves in a room, asked basic questions regarding bad financial decision-making, hands would go up….

Old School Road Trip : Maine, Mother-In-Law, Marriott Bonvoy, and Memories!

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Want to budget travel? Get in your car for a good old fashion road trip! While we are parked in Vermont and still have our car, we figured we should go visit Maine! With Shiang-ling’s mom visiting for a week and friends that could “pet sit” we figured we could pop away for a little getaway!  Is it crazy that we literally jumped in the car with a few things to hope to see and just went for it. No…

We Finally Have Pubescent Preteen

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Ladies, I bet you can remember getting your period for the first time or when your little boobies started to grow and everything they accidentally hit HURT so bad! What about growing hair in all the places or shaving for the first time? I remember shaving for the first time like it was yesterday.  I was maybe 8 or 9.  I went to the bathroom after dinner and my dad left his razor out. I don’t know why but I…

The Bunkroom

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Man oh man, its crazy to see that picture. I can remember that moment, thinking… “Holy shit the bunks are in… We are moving our family onto a bus!” We have 4 kids – 11, 9, 8, and 5 and 4 animals -1 dog, 1 cat, 1 hamster, 1 fish. We are a #bigfamilylivingtiny so we had to create as much space as we could in the 320sqft of bus. The bunk room is right after the kitchen section. We…

Our Favorite Outdoor Activities With Kids

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Personally, Shiang-ling and  I think we have the most fun when our family is outside. There is just something about how we spend our time outside, the elements and the naturalness of it all comes together and makes lasting memories whether we’re on the objective side of a camera lens or not. Hiking – We have recently started hiking more. We’ve always wanted to go hiking, but we just never made time to do it or had the terrain for…

Our Genius Tiny Home Hacks

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When you are building a tiny home, especially on wheels and for a big family there are a lot of considerations you have to think of and not a lot of space to work in. Most of the time spent on the build was discussing how we were going to most efficiently and effectively use the 320 sqft of space. 8 ft wide and 40 ft long… that’s what we have to work with. To be honest, this isn’t an…

15 Awesome Gifts For Active Kids

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Birthdays, Christmases and just because… we know how much kids WANT and “NEED” everything. Kids don’t need a lot to be happy but everyone likes to buy a toy/gift here and there. Our goal now is when we buy them things that it allows their mind to explore and learn. After writing about our current top toys in our tiny home I started to look into what toys we could add to our tiny home. Some we have but definitely…

How Much Does It Really Cost Us? Traveling Fulltime With A Family Of 6

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How Much Does It Really Cost Us? Living On a Skoolie Fulltime With A Family Of 6 Most days it doesn’t make sense. “I mean come on…” Most people’s questions circulate around. “How do you… travel full-time… visit friends and family you’d probably see once a decade… make time for adventures.. and the biggest one – make money/afford it?” The answer is simple, and we’ve all heard it over the years from countless mentors, elders, and inspirational people, “Make life…

Basic Skills for Kids in the Kitchen

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I LOVE to cook, and I love good food. I try very hard to not sacrifice the quality of our meals for the quantity or price since we are a large family with growing kids. I want our kids to have a wide palate, understand meal planning, nutrition and be capable of independently preparing a meal. While Johnny and I have always encouraged “food” independence (like getting their own cereal, choosing their snacks for lunch, or baking sugar cookies etc)…

Coexisting | Big Family Tiny Home

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You know, it’s not awful living tiny with a big family. Yes, there are 6 people and 4 animals in this 320 sqft skoolie conversion but the memories and fun surpass the momentary pains of living tiny. Yes, it hurts to get your toes/hips hit by kids opening drawers without paying attention.Yes, it hurts if you move to fast and catch a 2×4 to the forehead.Yes, I have fallen going up and down our THREE FRICKEN steps into the bus….