Hi there

We are theBhive family! We’ve been given the opportunity to finally spend the quantity of time, in conjunction with the quality time we’ve always made, together. We’re a rambunctious crew who enjoy using the application of learning each day in our lives. We’ve never been afraid to approach a new idea, like buying a two-acre farmhouse and starting a farm with no experience, or living full-time on the road like nomads, in order to learn more about ourselves.

This beautiful country has so much to show us and we’ve been fortunate to be a citizen of her. So far, her people surprise us time and time again with either their kindness, intelligence, and openness to other less appealing qualities like unacceptance, overbearing, and general rudeness. But hey, that’s life! That’s the point to all of this. To show our children that life is volatile! There are the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, pain, and suffering, and beauty beyond words that only your mind will capture during that point in time.

It’s a journey, join us!


thebhive family