This day was amazing!

We started it off with a downpour of rain so we turned it into a baking morning. I think when we were done we ended up having cookies for days afterward; which in a household six, that’s impressive.

After that, I got a wild hair and told everyone to go outside because a memory had unearthed itself.  When the hurricanes would turn Florida into more of a swampland more than it already is, we used to just pull our friends on boogie boards through the water because we didn’t have any true power. Therefore, as an adult, and a crafty guy, I created that vehicle/small pool event and the kids ended up having a great time. Even if they slid a little too far and scraped up their stomachs… all in the short window lifetime of being a kid.

As for Matthew and his gun safety, that is one area I treat very carefully.

As a former Special Forces Marine and with today’s ridiculous scare of “weapons as the enemy issue”, I want my children to understand that weapons are a tool.

Like any tool, if used improperly, it can cause issues. You can hear and see me countless times on camera, and off, constantly observing, correcting, directing, and if allowable, allowing an error to occur from misuse. I task all parents, like anything in life, give your children information that is valuable, at all levels, and allow them to find themselves in their maturity from the children of today to our nation’s success in the future.


As always… Just Being,