Could you cook in a Tiny House Kitchen?

For close to 5 months I survived (I use that term loosely, I kicked ass) cooking in our tiny house kitchen. Actually, I’ve been feeding our family of 6 without even using our gas stove!

As you can imagine cooking in a tiny house kitchen can definitely be hectic. It doesn’t help that I block the entrance to the back of the bus. At any given time 1 of 5 people need to get by. The chaos is inevitable, but I’ve found a sense of enjoyment in figuring out new ways to cook.

Baked Mahi Mahi
Banana Bread Muffins

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and made most of my dishes from scratch. When we had the “farmhouse” I learned a lot about canning/storing foods. I also learned to raise the animal, butchering and then coming full cycle with preparing it for dinner. That desire to get back to a farm again runs DEEP… like if we talk long enough you’ll hear the next dreams being manifested, BUT the need to know how to cook without a full kitchen is NOW and that gets me going!

Just before we headed to Nashville, TN we were able to get the gas hose and all the things to connect our gas stove.

Not sure why we waited so long… I think it was just one of those items that got put on the “back burner”

Get it… back burner

I have heard gas is amazing for cooking and this is my first time cooking with it… while I was excited to cook with gas, I also have a pretty healthy fear of the fact that it is GAS… ahh! You can actually see a video of my cooking for the first time on my IGTV . I thought it’d be fun to cook live… it wasn’t, not fun…funny.

thebhive famiyl tiny kitchen

6 Tiny House Kitchen MUST-Haves

  1. Electric Skillet – While the electric skillet was instrumental in my cooking the past few months, I won’t be using it as much. I won’t toss it though because it creates a perfectly controlled cooking environment to learn how to cook. It’ll serve me well tenfold and I got that thing for free-99 at a Kids Playdate/Swap.
  2. Instant Pot – I’m sure you’ve already heard all the rave… and they are all true. I’ve barely scratched the surface of using my Instant Pot and I gotta give mad respect to this cooking tool. Not only can I take a whole frozen chicken and cook it in like 30 mins, but you can also make yogurt, bread, and dessert (next on my list to try) BUT you can get accessories like egg racks, steamer baskets and double inserts allowing you to cook multiple things at a time
  3. Meat Thermometer – I’ve never really used one when cooking at home. I’d just cut/press to test and adjust from there. My dad mentioned needing a meat thermometer to help gauge the ‘doneness’ of what I was cooking. It helps out more than I thought because it allows me to do a quick check by just stabbing and to read verse trying to cut and see.
  4. Big Kitchen Sink – When I first started researching about Skoolie conversions I saw A LOT of people using smaller sinks in their kitchens. For whatever reason, the idea of going tiny became literal to me. What I failed to consider was that we are a large family regardless of going tiny or not. Some items just are better bigger and the sink was one of them. We started with a 15 in x 15in from the same company as linked but that was FAR too small to wash anything. So when we renovated the kitchen, that was numero uno to be replaced!
  5. Countertop Oven – This oven is awesome! It can easily cook 12″ frozen pizza, bake and apparently rotisserie! I haven’t attempted the rotisserie but I can say the rest of it works great and seriously has me considering whether or not to get a stove/oven all in one whenever we move into the next “home”
  6. Cast Iron Cookware – I love cast iron… I have to be careful because I’ll start to collect pieces. I currently have a large deep skillet, a thinner shallow skillet ( I found this and reseasoned it), a Dutch Oven type pot with a lid that can be used as a pan. Thrift stores are awesome for purchasing decent cookware, new is not necessary… especially with cast iron. I bought a regular Wok and am debating whether or not I should have gotten a cast iron wok. Also, do I need a cast iron grill/griddle? My guts saying I’d like it.

I could go on and on about kitchen things, as I love cooking and love gadgets.

Cooking in the Tiny Kitchen

Currently, we hook up to shore power and haven’t installed our solar system. There is a chance that will change how I cook again. But that makes it fun right? Constantly switching it up?!

I am always on the look out for awesome kitchen items, whats your favorite/go-to/must-have item(s)?