Prepping our skoolie conversion site

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin

The first thing that I wanted to do was get this Skoolie Conversion site established to make the work routine and process a bit easier for us. Initially, we chopped quite a few branches away from an area in the yard to not only allow the bus to fit but to also provide a shaded work area.

  1. Location – This location would provide not only the most accessibility for ripping out the old material but for bringing in the new items as we progressed and made headway. With working through the summer we knew that shade would be crucial in reducing the temperature inside, I mean it is a metal tunnel basically. In conjunction with that, I was fortunate to have some old plywood on the property which I laid down under the bus to allow me to work uninterrupted by ants, water, and any other ground inconveniences.
  2. Overhead- As for overhead coverage from the elements, at the entrance, I secured a tarp to keep water runoff away from the entrance because here in North Carolina the weather can rapidly change to rain before you’re ready for it and we wanted to be able to still conduct work without the rain affecting us too much.
  3. Tool setup area – It’s amazing how many different tools you’ll need at any given moment. We wanted to have our table saw, and other conveniences that would reduce walking back and forth from the shed, which is well over 50 meters away on the property, that would only waste time and not be entertaining with the rain which has not ceased lately.
  4. Power – I ran an extension cord from a random post outlet we have on the property that has never failed, even though it is not an outdoor outlet and has been beaten in the rain for years now, down a fence line and overhead to not interfere with mowing the grass and just completely out of the way.

So far, so good.

Just Being,